Thibault Lanxade, former vice-president of Medef, calls for “a dividend for the employee”

He says he wants “to reconcile the French with capital.” Thibault Lanxade, former vice-president of Medef, now CEO of the Jouve group, defends in a book the creation of a “employee dividend”, to better share value within companies: “There is a principle, it is equality. There is a rule, it is sharing.”

The leader, eco guest of franceinfo on Friday October 15, is inspired by the participation mechanism, desired by General de Gaulle and modified on numerous occasions: “a share of the dividend that we want to give to the employee.”

Thibault Lanxade proposes to extend participation to all companies, “with the exception of companies with less than 11 employees”, and to condition the payment of a dividend to the shareholders on the establishment of this participation: “When we pay dividends, we must also pay dividends for the employee.”

“Globally on a low salary, we can give a thirteenth, a fourteenth, a fifteenth month, to an employee.”

Thibault Lanxade, CEO of the Jouve group

on franceinfo

But won’t this generalized participation replace wages? No, says Thibault Lanxade: “It should not come to cannibalize wage increases. You just have to understand that it is a better device for distributing the wealth created.”

Emmanuel Macron entrusted the former vice-president of Medef with a mission on employee savings. Thibault Lanxade “hopes to be able to convince the President of the Republic and the associated ministers on these employee dividend measures”.

The employee dividend is published by Éditions Télémaque

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