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They kept their childhood friends

► “Memories in common”

Maud, 33, architect

“When I was little, I lived in a dead end where children used to play together. It was there that my friendship was forged with a neighbor who was two years older than me. We have always been close and when I moved to Brittany with my parents, we continued to write letters to each other. She came several times on vacation to Brittany and I regularly returned to the neighborhood of my childhood.

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During our respective studies, we moved away from each other a bit. We each had a lot to discover. Then our ties were renewed. In fact, our friendship evolves according to the phases of our lives. But it is still there. It’s nice to share common childhood memories. This neighborhood life marked me so much that I got involved in a participatory housing project. I want my future children to experience this pleasure of forming relationships very early on. “

► “Like brothers”

Roman, 26 years old, engineer

“I know my group of six friends from the small section! It must be said that we were educated in an establishment that goes from kindergarten to terminal. Of course, we all know each other by heart. The seventh member of the group joined us in the sixth year and we always kept the connection, even during our graduate studies. I really consider them as brothers …

Today, they are the ones I see the most because almost all of us have stayed in the region, unlike my engineering friends who are all over France. We give each other news every day and on weekends we meet to go climbing, hikes or evenings during which we recall our childhood memories. One of the members of the group moved to Montreal for six years and has just returned. After two months, we had already forgotten that he was gone. We don’t all have the same ideas, especially political ones, but our friendship comes first. The arrival of each other’s girlfriends has not changed anything. They are an integral part of our group. “

► “A real landmark”

Chloe, 33, graphic designer

“I am an only child and my parents have always encouraged me to reach out to other children. My friends really played an educational role. I am still very close to a friend who was in the same class as me in primary and early middle school. We experienced a lot of things together: the first love feelings, the mockery… I have an unshakeable confidence in her.

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Even though we live far from each other – she is a dentist in Brest while I live in Nantes, we often call each other. She’s always been there, through good times and bad. For my pregnancy, she’s the first friend I broke the news to. Although our lives are very different, she doesn’t judge me and always rejoices for me. This healthy relationship, without competition, is a real landmark. The funny thing is, I ran into a friend from a nursery school on the metro when I was living in Paris. According to our parents, we used to climb over each other’s beds to meet up when we were babies. We don’t see each other a lot, but I’m happy that she came back to my life. “


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