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These young people who flash on disposable cameras

This is an unexpected trend to say the least. The disposable camera is making a comeback on the market and appealing to generations who have grown up with digital. “It is a small object, which can be easily transported and which one does not need to monitor all the time because it does not have a great value, testifies Léa, 23 years old, fan of photography since her adolescence. My grandmother gave me one when I was little and when it became fashionable again, I was able to buy it again. »

What pleases Léa beyond the practical dimension? “The vintage and grainy look of the photos, she answers. On smartphones or Instagram, you can put filters but it’s not the same thing at all. Digital does not give such authentic photos, since they can be retouched. »

Léa says she opted for film because she “an old laptop, with a poor quality camera”. Today, she even prefers to have her photos on paper to make albums rather than in digital version.

The meeting of two temporalities

Launched in the 1980s and popular into the 2000s, the disposable camera evolved. We can now also have the photos scanned and posted on social networks like those on the phone.

“What appeals to this generation is that the object allows the meeting of two temporalities, between the long time and the instantaneousanalyzes Elsa Godart, psychoanalyst and image specialist, author of I selfie therefore I am (Albin Michel). We throw away the camera but we keep the photo that we will put in our wallet or on a wall. It is the image that imposes itself on us and the more we go to look for it in our telephone. With this object, some rediscover the value of the photo, which is no longer just an image. »

In our opinion

In the virtual age, young people need materiality. Disposable cameras appeal to them all the more as their price remains affordable, between 13 and 30 €, even if a budget of 10 to 20 € has to be added for scanning or printing. If they allow younger generations to discover photos other than on their laptops, these plastic devices are not very ecological since they are thrown away after each use. However, they can be recycled or reconditioned. And some brands even offer reusable models.


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