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These young fans of fantasy or fantasy literature

“When I read, it’s not to be in the real world”

Loée, 14 years old

“In fantastic literature there are wonderful elements. But in the end, we don’t know if this is true or only in the heads of the characters. I don’t like this uncertainty. I prefer the fantasy genre, where everything is wonderful and assumed. When I read, it’s not to be in the real world, but to go somewhere else. Since I was in high school, I haven’t had much time to immerse myself in this kind of books, but I read at least one a month.

Recently I reread Guardians of the Lost Cities (Lumen ed.). The author takes up the history of Atlantis, Shangri-La and other cities and transposes them to the world of today. But my favorite series remains Harry potter. I started to read it in CE2. It’s a great classic that appeals to everyone, even those who aren’t fans of fantasy. Which allows me to talk about it with all my girlfriends. “

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“Suspense, twists and turns”

Augustin, 12 years old

“I love fantasy literature as much as the fantasy genre. There is action, suspense, lots of twists and we are in a universe where we can imagine lots of things. I just finished Phobos (Ed. R Young adults). It is the story of six boys and six girls sent to Mars to create the first human colony.

I also read Eragon (Bayard). It’s even my favorite series. It tells the story of a young farmer who finds a dragon’s eye and becomes a dragon tree. And then Percy Jackson (LDP Jeunesse), of course. I find that fantasy and fantasy literature fosters the imagination and maybe that’s why I always write multi-page essays. “

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“My parents think I read too much! “

Alexia, 12 years old

“I like books that immerse us in a world different from our own, where we can do everything that is not possible in real life. There is more action, more fighting. I still prefer the fantasy genre to the fantasy genre a bit more. The adventures happen on our planet but they are unrealistic or with magic. I read Percy Jackson, TheLegend of 4 (Flammarion), the Labyrinth (Pocket) and I just started The Lotus War (Bragelonne).

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It is the story of a Japanese warrior who is given a mission to go and kill a legendary creature. But my favorite series are Guardians of the Lost Cities. I have reread some tomes three times. I also really like manga that we could classify as fantastic / fantasy, because there are magical powers and creatures from another world. Reading is one of my favorite things to do. My parents even find that I read too much! They would like me to go out more and be there more. “


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