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These screens that punctuate the life of families

► “We sometimes all play a game together on the console”

Magali,41 years old, administrative manager

“We are quite a consumer of screens. My husband is a “Gamer” and he plays a lot at night when the children are asleep. He passed the virus on to our 15 year old son. During the first confinement, his consumption of video games exploded. In the evening, he sometimes plays with his father. They advise each other on teams and strategies. My 8 year old daughter watches movies or series with me. On weekends, we all play a game together on the console or watch a TV program. And, when the children are in bed, we sometimes take the opportunity with my husband to watch a movie or a series. “

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► “We show him classics”

Muriel,48 years old, teacher

“We don’t have television and watch replay programs or DVDs on the computer. With our 10-year-old daughter, we try to limit the use of screens but as soon as she sees one on, she sticks to us. When the program is suitable, we let her watch. She has, for example, seen the series Kaamelott and discovered the show “Le Meilleur Pâtissier”. Since then, we’ve been watching it offline with it. We sometimes have a family time watching cartoons or movies. At the moment, we are showing him classics, musicals and films by Louis de Funès. The rest of the time, she is allowed to watch cartoons, for half an hour, on Wednesdays and at weekends. “

► “We do not watch a program as a family”

Anne Sophie,48 years old, journalist

“Each member of our family has a phone and a personal computer, plus a tablet for everyone, although it is mostly my 15-year-old daughter who uses it. We don’t watch television much, except soccer games and a documentary from time to time with my husband. But nothing in the family, or very rarely. In the evening, we talk or read. My daughter is more on her cell phone and on weekends she is also allowed to watch series on the tablet. But screens are a constant source of tension. We are part of the generation of parents who wears the blows when it comes to regulation. We must do it according to our only common sense. “

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► “Individual uses have taken precedence over TV”

Rock,50 years old, computer engineer

“With us, phones and tablets are personal, but computers are shared. The TV is of course used by everyone. Our two daughters, aged 17 and 14, watch series there, in our absence. During the week, we meet regularly in front of the television news or the “Quotidien” program.

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Then, each one is rather on his screen. On the weekends, we try to have a family home evening in front of a movie or a variety show. But individual uses have clearly taken precedence over TV, because direct is less important and we are not very consumers of delayed programs. “


ANSES (National Health Security Agency) warns against excessive exposure to screens from an early age, which could be associated with impaired memory, sleep, or attention. Too many screens can also lead to social isolation, depression, and lack of activity.

The guide “Children and screens: take back control” edited by the National Union of Family Associations (Unaf), in partnership with the General Paediatrics Group (GPG), gives practical advice to become aware of family habits, reduce the time spent in front of screens and protect children from inappropriate content . Download from the Unaf website.

Psychiatrist Serge Tisseron, author of 3-6-9-12, tame screens and grow (Érès, reed. 2017), has developed a simple rule:

– No screen before 3 years.

– No video games before 6 years old.

– No Internet before 9 years old.

– No social networks before 12 years old.

Sabine Duflo, clinical psychologist and family therapist, author of When screens become neurotoxic (Marabout, 2018), advocates the “4 steps” rule to manage children’s screen time according to the different times of the day and not to age:

– No screen in the morning.

– No screen during meals.

– No screen before going to sleep.

– No screen in the child’s room.

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