These professions which are recruiting despite the crisis: IT project manager

A computer and its keyboard. Illustrative photo. (OLIVIA COHEN / FRANCE-BLEU MAINE)

It is one of the flagship jobs of the decade, according to the Association for the employment of executives (Apec). And although he suffered during the crisis, he remains the fourth most sought-after position among executives. All companies have undertaken or will step up their digitalization. The IT project manager is the conductor. In SMEs, in large companies, or in digital service companies, we tear ourselves away and we ask a lot. Gaël Bouron, from the studies department of Apec: “It is a profession which obviously requires a strong technical expertise but which is also emblematic of the rise of the project mode in companies. Project management is today considered by executives as a skill as important as mastery of business know-how and the project manager is asked not necessarily to be a technical expert but to be the guarantor of the respect of costs and deadlines as well as of quality. We can say that the IT project managers are at the crossroads of two major transformations for executive employment: the intense digital transformation of companies, of course, and the rise of the project mode. “

It is a profession which is chronically “in tension”, that is to say that companies have difficulty finding the right candidates, but the crisis has given rise to new needs, as Gaël Bouron points out: “In terms of technical infrastructure, for example, to allow teleworking within companies, in terms of new collaborative tools, in terms of new sales channels, with the need to develop on digital channels, that’s all a set of needs which will require the development of projects and therefore to rely both on technical experts and on what we could call the mediators who are our project managers ”.

Knowing how to make others work, mastering the work according to the Agile method, which is spreading in all companies: an IT project manager now has to deal with all the “silos” of the company. He is no longer just a good technician: “They work in a more transversal way with different departments of the company. They must also work in relation to the needs of the client, which arrive more upstream in the expressed needs and in the feedback which is made in relation to the project. is a bit more complex conductor’s job than it ever was before. “

The digitization of businesses will accelerate. He therefore has a bright future ahead of him. On the salary side, a young executive can start between 35 and 45,000 euros per year and an experienced IT project manager can earn up to 75,000 euros.

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