These professions which are recruiting despite the crisis: construction

Workers work on a site on the A85 motorway in Langeais (Indre-et-Loire). Illustrative photo. (GUILLAUME SOUVANT / AFP)

With a drop in the number of job offers of “only” 25%, against 32% across all sectors, the construction industry is resisting. On the job site Indeed, the sector represents nearly 9% of offers this year, compared to only 7% last year. The construction therefore saves space, in proportion.

Problem: the number of candidates, put off by the conditions for exercising these professions, does not follow. Confirmation from Alexandre Judes, economist at Indeed: “There is clearly a shortage of candidates in the construction trades, which are very diverse trades, mason, site manager, electrical technician, building electrician, plasterer, installer, plumber, carpenter, boilermaker … but he There is a very serious shortage of candidates everywhere in the sector. “

The mason’s position is the most frequently requested on the site, followed by drywaller, tiler and boilermaker. All very technical jobs. Why is construction not slowing down? Alexandre Judes answers: “We are on long-term projects. So when you have work sites that are open despite the health crisis, they continue. All work sites during the health crisis were work sites that had been open for a long time, work sites already planned. There weren’t really any projects that were canceled. “

Another position in high demand on Indeed, that of foreman. This is the second job title on the site. Ditto for public works engineers, in great demand. The construction industry and construction also offer great opportunities for development, driven by a very positive future for employment. “For 2021 and beyond, there really is a future since we have a structural housing problem in France, so housing will have to be built. There is also the energy problem and the building is at the heart of everything. is renovation and sustainability of buildings, so there will be a lot of renovation projects in the years to come. It is clearly a sector of the future ” said Alexandre Jules.

If wages remain modest for the most technical trades, they are pulled up by the shortage of skills for supervisory positions. A site manager can expect 60,000 euros per month. A good investment for young people in need of professional orientation, especially since you can work anywhere, including abroad.

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