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These are the four airports in the world where landing of aircraft is the most dangerous

There was a time when we only imagined flying in the air. But the invention of the airplane changed our imagination into reality. With the invention of the airplane, not only did the world seem very small but it was also possible to go from one country to another. These airplanes require long airports to fly. Let us know that there are many airports in the world which are very dangerous. It is not possible to make a safe airport in those places due to different circumstances. Come, know about those airports which are not only beautiful to see but also dangerous.

Saba Airport, Netherlands

This airport is built on an island named Saba. The runway of Sabah International Airport is the shortest runway in the world, which is only 400 meters long. This airport is situated between the mountain and the sea.

Lukla Airport of Nepal

Lukla Airport of Nepal is considered very dangerous. This airport is located at an altitude of 9334 feet above sea level. To get on the runway of this airport, pilots have to move towards the mountain. Explain that there is a gap of 600 meters at the last drop of the runway.

St. Julian’s Princess Juliana Airport

Princess Juliana Airport located on the Caribbean island of St. Martin is considered very dangerous. Just a short distance from this airport is the beach where people gather. In such a situation, the plane that passes from this airport passes very close to them. Let us know that people stand on one side during the flight.

Portugal’s Madera Airport

This airport is one of the most dangerous airports in the world. Landing the aircraft at this airport is considered very dangerous. When landing, the plane has to bend one way so as not to hit the mountain.

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