These 3 apps on Android are installed to spy on the most

These are applications on the Android operating system, which were discovered to be installed on users’ computers to silently track location and other personal information.

Spy apps can also send phone contacts to attackers, so that they can later carry out attacks on those numbers. (Image: Statcounter)

According to the statistics of Statcounter In September 2021, the percentage of devices with Android operating system installed accounted for 72.4% worldwide.

Based on research by F-Secure, a security center from Finland, the Android operating system has long been a favorite destination for malware and tracking software, as they mainly “disguise” applications. Free on Google Play store.

Laura Kankaala, white hat hacker and security consultant at F-Secure warns that most of these applications are called “innocent innocence”, after some of the utilities we often use. “This is very common behavior of these malicious apps,” Laura said.

Specifically, up to 59% of malicious applications that F-Secure detected in the last 30 days contained keywords such as “voicemail”, “chrome” or “video player” in the name.

Thus, if the user installs an application that contains the names of the above keywords, it is likely that we have mistakenly downloaded a spyware software to the device. Right now, you should double-check to see if they’re really the intended apps – or just “imposters”.

One obvious feature of these apps is that they often require the user to enable certain features on the mobile device, such as voice recording, contacts, photo permissions, camera, or accessibility services. (Accessibility Service).

These 3 apps on Android are installed to spy on the most - 2

FluBot – a banking malware that is spreading rapidly across Europe, has been found on about 7,000 smartphones in the UK. (Photo: Statcounter)

“Once granted these permissions, the app can read the information you’re entering from another app,” says Laura Kankaala. “This means the app can record keystrokes, read SMS messages, or even send SMS messages from your phone.”

Because of the access to the device’s contact list, the spy app can also send those contact information to the attacker, so that they can later carry out attacks on the phone numbers. there.

More dangerous when it comes to accessibility permissions, some apps can grant themselves extra privileges like hiding its icon from the launcher, making it difficult for you to find and remove it from your system. system.

According to statistics, there are 3 applications including: Trackview, Find my Devices and Traccar Client were the detection apps installed to track users the most, with 64% of detections. In addition, the remaining 36% of detections came from apps that were mainly downloaded or installed outside of Google Play, in the form of apk files.

However, this does not mean that the iOS App Store is completely safe for users, as the platform also has tracking software variants like MLite.

However, because iOS has a closed ecosystem, the chances of users being attacked by malware and spyware in general are significantly lower, explains Laura Kankaala.

According to Dantri

Hackers pocket $ 590 million after malware attacks in the US

Hackers pocket $ 590 million after malware attacks in the US

Experts say that in the context of increasing number of cyber attacks, the amount of money that hackers “pocket” in 2021 will likely exceed the level of the previous decade combined.


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