There were 6 booths of agricultural products of Hai Duong people on the Seashell floor

In addition to the booth opened by Viettel Post Hai Duong to quickly support the consumption of these local agricultural products, on the Seashell e-commerce floor, there are now 5 stalls of cooperatives and farmers themselves. and sell.

Two days, “rescued” 80,000 eggs, 5 tons of Hai Duong vegetables

Deploying a digital transformation application campaign to help Vietnamese agricultural products escape “rescue” not only during the epidemic season, more than 1 day since the official launch of the campaign in Hai Duong, on March 4, the Corporation Viettel Post (Viettel Post) has implemented the feature “Buy together at low price” on E-commerce floor Shell. Accordingly, Viettel Post Hai Duong opened a booth, organized the collection and distribution of agricultural products for the people of Hai Duong.

At the same time, after being directly brought down to the gardens and farms by Viettel’s staff to guide sales on the e-commerce floor from the registration of booth opening, product posting, product introduction livestream products, packaging, application …, currently on the Seashell floor there are 5 stalls created and sold by Hai Duong farmers themselves.

Activities of guiding and disseminating so that farmers know how to use digital technology to sell goods have been continuously deployed by military postal enterprises in recent days.

All 6 booths “rescue” Hai Duong agricultural products on the Seashell e-commerce floor currently focus on providing 5 types of agricultural products including: Cam Dong chicken eggs, Chi Linh hill chicken, Thanh Ha guava, cabbage, and chayote. trench. These are the types of agricultural products that have been agreed by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Hai Duong province and Viettel Post to be sold on the Seashell floor in the initial stage.

The stalls selling Hai Duong agricultural products have also been displayed in prominent positions on the Seashell e-commerce floor, through the banner and popup system. To encourage Hai Duong farmers to access digital transformation and add new product distribution channels, Viettel Post, which is directly the Seashell floor, has given many incentives to suppliers.

Specifically, when participating in the campaign of applying digital technology, bringing products to sell on the Seashell e-commerce floor, Hai Duong agricultural households create accounts for the period from March 3, 2021 to the end. April 30, 2021, free of charge to open booths until December 31, 2021. At the same time, these farming households are also entitled to Viettel Post for free operation for all orders of suppliers in Hai Duong in March and April 2021.

There were 6 booths of agricultural products of Hai Duong people on the Seashell floor
On March 5, the postal staff and Viettel Post’s MyGo partner organized the delivery of orders ordered by consumers on the Seashell e-commerce floor.

In addition, many consumers who buy products at the “rescue” booths of Hai Duong agricultural products at this time will also receive incentives, such as the same price of 11,000 VND for each weight order. up to 30kg from Hai Duong to the provinces of Hanoi, Hai Duong, Hung Yen, Bac Ninh, Bac Giang, Thai Binh, Hai Phong, Quang Ninh from March 4, 2021 to 23:59 on March 31, 2021.

According to statistics, by the afternoon of March 5, there were 2 shipments of Hai Duong agricultural products gathered by the e-commerce floor to the warehouse in Hanoi, including: 80,000 Cam Dong clean chicken eggs and 5 tons of vegetables and fruits ( kohlrabi, cabbage, guava Thanh Ha).

The total number of orders for Hai Duong agricultural products placed by consumers is now more than 900, with agricultural products reaching 50,000 Cam Dong clean chicken eggs, nearly 3 kg of cabbage, nearly 2 kg of kohlrabi, 300 children. Chi Linh clean chicken and 1 ton of Thanh Ha guava.

Long-term program to develop e-commerce

Choosing a solution applying digital technology to help farmers sell agricultural products to consumers through the Seashell e-commerce platform as well as a smart logistics system, Viettel Post thinks that this way will ensure both. Two factors: good price for farmers and quality for consumers.

In sharing with ICTnews On the afternoon of March 5, Viettel Post General Director Tran Trung Hung once again emphasized that the current epidemic affected period is an opportunity to promote the transformation of agricultural numbers.

“This is also an opportunity for us to bring digital technology to farmers. When the supply chains are broken, the fact that we sell agricultural products on the e-commerce floor helps to save and save goods, and also to support farmers’ production activities without stalling ” , Mr. Hung said.

Affirming that this is a long-term program for electronic development, Viettel Post’s leaders hope that the digital transformation application solution to help farmers escape the rescue of agricultural products will support farmers with production plans. fall into the state of “having a good harvest” and also not suffer from risks in selling goods when the epidemic occurs today.

How to order on the feature “Buy together at cheap prices of Seashells”

Seashell flooring since March 4th has opened the feature “Buy together at cheap prices” so that customers can buy agricultural products at preferential prices. To place an order, first of all users need to enter the address The system will display the Seashell homepage with a shared product box so that users can view the items that are eligible for the program to buy together. Users choose a product to buy to see detailed information and participation rules.

Next, users need to follow 4 steps to order on the feature of “Buy together at low price”, including: Read the rules of the general purchase program and click on the “Order” button; Order proceeding; Fill in your receipt information, choose a shipping method, a form of payment and choose an ongoing promotion; Click Order and Pay.

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Social networks and supermarkets join hands to rescue Hai Duong agricultural products

Social networks and supermarkets join hands to rescue Hai Duong agricultural products

Some groups and individuals on social networks called for rescue for agricultural products from Hai Duong. Big supermarkets such as Co.op Mart, BigC also joined in.


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