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There was a stir in China due to the spread of the delta variant, more than double the cases in the South Eastern Province

Delta Plus Variant in China: In China’s south-northeast province of Fujian (Fujian), more than double the new cases of new Kovid-19 infection have been reported. Health authorities gave this information on Tuesday. Due to this, to stop the infection immediately, other steps have to be taken along with the ban on travel. The National Health Commission said that on September 13, 59 new cases of new local transmission have been reported. Whereas 22 cases had come a day earlier. These cases were also from Fujian province, which is surrounded by Zhejiang to the north and Guangdong to the south.

According to Reuters, in just four days, 102 community infection cases have been reported in three cities of Fujian, including Xiamen, a tourist destination with a population of 5 million. This new transition has come at a time when the week-long National Day holiday is going to start from October 1. Earlier, from late July to August, the Corona epidemic had badly affected the tourism, hospitality and transport sectors.

Despite the Kovid-19 being largely under control in China, there is a huge drop in its air passenger numbers. Data released on Tuesday showed that China’s air passenger traffic declined by 51.5% in August compared to a year earlier.

The outbreak of Corona in Fujian began in Putian, a city of 32 million, with the first case being reported on 10 September. Preliminary testing on samples from some of the cases revealed that the patient had been exposed to a delta variant infection.

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