“There is no more football”: Maradona fans mourn their idol in front of her house

“I bring flowers for ‘Diego’, everyone’s Diego, Diego, Diego… We say Diego and there is no need to say his name. It’s him “, explains Mary, an Argentinian in her sixties who rushed to Maradona’s house when news of the death of the “God” of football was announced. Like Mary, many moved Argentines flock to the home of their idol, as shown in the video below.

What was Maradona’s style made of?“We believe that he sees it all, that he sees it, that he feels it, that love will follow him. I mean, it’s not his death, ”adds Mary, her flowers clutched in her hand.

Not far from her, the legendary Maradona jersey on his back, Victor ignites:

“The Diego, the ‘cosmic kite’, the one who never stained the ball, and who has now deflated it, took football with him. There is no more football, the ball is deflated. “

Argentina is in mourning, Argentina mourns its idol, who died of a heart attack at the age of 60.

“Maradona received too much love or not as it should be”

In a country passionate about football, the death of Maradona has a major impact on the mood of Argentines, already hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic and the economic crisis.

“Another pain for this crappy year 2020”, is desperate Isabel Puente, 70 years old.

Maradona was “A wandering, dirty and sinful God. The most human of gods ”, wrote an anonymous worshiper on social media. His text has gone viral.

“Diego Maradona”, descent into hell

Diego Maradona’s body left his home. He was transported to the presidential palace in Buenos Aires where a government-organized funeral vigil began. It must last all day. Argentinian President Alberto Fernandez has declared three days of national mourning in tribute to the “Pibe de Oro”, world champion in 1986.

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