Théo, 24 years old: “Entrepreneurship is basically a political approach”

Théo Lion is a young Parisian entrepreneur, recently graduated from HEC school. AT 24 years old, he is already at the head of his own company (Coudac), an advertising agency for online merchants and which generates more than four million in turnover per year. Today, Théo is quite critical of the training offered in the major business schools. It encourages young people to undertake, without expecting anything, including politics.

The entrepreneurial approach is to tell ourselves that we are not going to wait for someone to come and help us to do something“, launches Theo. The young entrepreneur adds that he does not expect much from politicians. “I have no specific expectations. I listen to what is happening but I will not condition the decisions of my box on the expectation of a political decision.

“I don’t expect much from political decisions.”

On the question of employment, several presidential candidates promise to tackle the “uberization” of the world of work, that is to say the emergence of a new category of workers, such as digital platform delivery people. Theo does not see this fight very favorably. “What bothers me about this kind of talk is that it’s often quite simplistic and rarely rooted in experience and you can’t really blame them.

Even if Theo says he does not expect much from politicians, he is still interested in the presidential election, in particular thanks to social networks. “We have new media that have developed, such as the famous ‘Hugo Décrypte’, which produces excellent contentknown and who managed to interest me in it.

AT one week of the first round, Theo confides having “more or less an idea“of his political opinion.”She is very focused on my issues, as long as it’s a bit entrepreneurial.“The young entrepreneur says he still hesitates between two candidates.

“I would like us to free up speech on entrepreneurship among young people.”

Theo, 24 years old

Théo will vote for a person for whom “it can be ok to make money as long as you bring value to people“. From the future president (or president), Théo expects him to push the young people to develop their projects and to say “that after the studies, there is not only one way, that of going to find a CDI somewhere.

For Theo, entrepreneurship is a way to change the world. “Entrepreneurship is basically, perhaps, a political process. I find myself in there and I find it quite nice to have candidates who talk about it.“Attached to the vote, Théo does not see this as a political act for all that.”I do not see my vote as an entrepreneurial process. I see entrepreneurship more as a political process.”

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