The youngest daughter of the Huawei boss joins the entertainment industry

On her 23rd birthday, the Huawei boss’s daughter said she would join the entertainment world, debut as an artist.

Annabel Yao is the youngest daughter of Ren Zhengfei – the founder of Chinese telephone company. Huawei. Recently, on the day of turning 23, Huawei prostitute officially announced that she would debut as an artist, starting her career in the Chinese entertainment industry.

Annabel Yao was born on January 14, 1998, the second daughter of Mr. Nham, named “Huawei princess” because of her childhood life. According to the source, Ms. Yao followed her mother’s surname to avoid identity problems as her father is one of the most famous and richest people in China.

Annabel Yao exposed bale from the age of 3 and officially learned it at the age of 5. In addition, “Huawei princess” also learned the piano, calligraphy, painting and traditional Chinese music.

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Lady Annabel Yao in the Le Bal des Debutantes ball in 2018. Photo: Yunling Fang.

Ms. Yao’s decision to turn to the arts field surprised many people, as her university majors had nothing to do with art. The second daughter of Mr. Nham Chinh Phi graduated from prestigious Harvard University in the US with two majors in Computer Science and Statistics. In 2018, Ms. Yao had an internship at Microsoft Corporation, undertaking a research position in machine learning and image recognition.

Annabel Yao is a prominent name in the world “warm boy, she trick” China. Before that, she was the Chinese representative among the 25 ladies invited to the Le Bal des Debutantes – the royal dance of the famous ladies in the world in 2018 held in France. She was also chosen by Mrs. Luong An Ky – the fourth wife of Macau casino magnate Ha Hong Yard as the ideal daughter-in-law, but “princess Huawei” refused.

According to the source, Annabel Yao will become an artist under Beijing Entertainment Culture and Entertainment (TH Entertainment). This is a company that has collaborated with new artists of young people such as Hoang Tu Thao, Tran Phi Vu, Tran Trac Tuyen.

According to the Zing

Huawei will have a quiet year

This year, Huawei is likely to record a decline in 5G business, penetrate deeper into software, while hoping the smartphone segment is ‘pardoned’ under the new US President.


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