The young mother caused outrage because she sold her 7-day-old baby on an online market

A young girl living in Jeju province (South Korea) angered netizens after selling her 7-day-old baby on an online marketplace app.

The girl with an undisclosed identity, living in the city of Seogwipo (Jeju province, Korea), posted an “item” for sale on a local electronics marketplace. This second-hand marketplace is one of the most popular e-commerce applications in Korea.

The information posted is a 7-day-old child born by herself, for 200,000 won (equivalent to 4 million VND). Pictures of the baby, wrapped in a white blanket, were also posted to the app to “offer”.

Information about a 7-day-old baby was “for sale” by his mother on an online market

This “item” immediately attracted attention and caused a stir in the online community in Korea. Many people have reflected on this special “item”, forcing administrators to delete the item for sale by the young girl, and lock her account on the app.

Many netizens also reported the incident to the authorities. The Jeju Provincial police quickly and found out the identity of the person who posted the article as a young single mother.

Reporting to the police, the young mother said she was pregnant with the baby after a “mistake” and the baby’s father left as soon as she heard that she was pregnant. Angry at being neglected and feeling unable to raise the baby alone, she decided to sell her child to anyone wishing to adopt it.

In her post, the young girl said the baby was 36 weeks old, but according to police, the baby was only born on October 14. It seems that this girl has included the number of weeks of pregnancy in the baby’s age and it is easier to “sell” a 36-week-old baby than a baby that is only a few days old.

The act of “selling” the child of the young mother made netizens angry. Many people criticized it and thought it was unacceptable.

“Being pregnant for 9 months and then selling the baby after just a few days of birth, it is an unacceptable act,” commented a Korean netizen.

“Whatever the reason, it is a crime to sell and trade your child. What if the baby falls into the hands of bad guys or abuses children? ”, Another netizen commented.

“Right now both the mother and the baby are safe, the baby’s condition is stable. We will see if the mother is in violation of the Child Welfare Act, ”said a representative of the Jeju Provincial Police Department.

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