The world’s first baby with three penises

IraqA three-month-old baby in Duhok was found to have three penises, the first case in the world to have this defect, according to doctors.

According to the New York Post On April 2, when the baby was three months old, parents noticed that the child had two protruding lumps of flesh in the scrotum so they should be taken to the hospital. The doctors suddenly discovered that the baby had three penises, one of which was active, two had no urine ducts.

One of the penis grows at the same base with the main part 2 cm long, the other is only 1 cm long. The doctors removed these two extra organs and found no more abnormalities in other organs. The baby recovered with no side effects.

In the study published in the International Journal of Surgery in November 2020, Dr. Shakir Saleem Jabali and Ayad Ahmad Mohammed said that this is the baby with the first three penises in the world. According to two experts, each case of penile excess is a separate case, no case is the same.

Treatment is somewhat difficult due to its medical, ethical and aesthetic aspects, and requires a multidisciplinary medical team and a long follow-up process. Research shows that this defect is very rare, occurring in one in 5-6 million people. The first case was discovered in 1609 by the doctor Johannes Jacob Wecker. To date, only 100 cases in the world have been reported.

According to doctors, this defect is likely to occur during the embryo’s penile development between 3 and 6 weeks of pregnancy. Factors such as drugs and infections can also be a part of the cause of the disability. The Iraqi baby’s case was a mystery, the team said, as the baby was not exposed to drugs while in the womb, and had no history of genetic defects in the family.

Mai Dung (According to the Science Direct, Science Times)


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