The world of Nate: an initiatory journey at the height of a child on Disney +

REVIEW – The story of a kid who dreams of singing on Broadway told in a musical. A feature film for children available on Disney +

Nate Foster, 13, dreams of performing on Broadway. The trouble is that he lives in Pittsburgh, his parents don’t have time to worry about him, he’s the shame of his older brother, the scapegoat of his comrades, and even the college theater teacher did not wish to entrust him with a more ambitious role than that of the tree in the end-of-year show. How to be heard in these conditions? By running away to New York to audition there, with her best friend… Running away is a recurring motif in the work of Disney, with all that it implies of adventures, all converging towards a single objective: find yourself to better find those you love.

Initiatory journey

Written, adapted and directed by Tim Federle from his partially autobiographical debut novel, Nate’s World is an initiatory journey as literature and audiovisual production for children count so much. It is also a musical, another genre dear to the great Walt, that the…

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