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The world makes fun of this woman’s obesity, but earns more than 10 lakh rupees every month

Motivational Story: You must often hear about body shaming. You may have faced it yourself. Many people break up with this. Disappointment starts coming in their mind, but there are some who do not get discouraged by such things and take a positive attitude and do something which becomes an example. The story of a woman living in Britain is similar. People often make fun of his obesity, but when people come to know about his earnings, then his senses fly away.

never compromised

According to the report, Danielle Gardiner lives in Essex, UK. Her weight is very high, so she is professionally a plus size model. Not only this, Daniel also has 3 children. Even after all this, she has chosen modeling. People troll him from time to time. There are some challenges in the house too, but while facing everyone, she did not compromise on modeling. She still does this work diligently.

Even normal people can not earn so much

People’s criticism has no bearing on Daniel’s self-confidence. She earns more than 10 lakh rupees in 1 month. She charges up to Rs 66 thousand for an advertisement from the client. Daniel says that she does at least 2 commercials in a week. The toughest time for her is when she shares a photo of a bikini ad. People make very lewd comments, but she does not take these things to heart. They easily get advertisements for 40 products in a week.

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