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The woman had won the lottery of 55 lakhs but ignored the phone call as a scam

Nowadays a lot of frauds are happening in the name of lotteries. Some people get stuck in it, while some ignore such calls or calls. However, there have been many times when people forget by buying lottery tickets and they do not believe in winning. Something similar happened with a woman when her lottery was held (Woman Won Lottery) but she did not receive the phone calls. The Australian woman ignored the calls after winning a reward of 55 lakhs and she considered it to be a fraud. The Australian woman kept ignoring the phone calls several times and after a long time she came to know that she had won the lottery of 1 lakh Australian dollars. If this is converted into Indian rupees, then it becomes about 55 lakhs.

woman won 55 lakh lottery

A woman from the French Forest of New South Wales had bought tickets for the lucky lottery on on February 25, but she forgot to collect information about it after the lottery was drawn. The woman got several phone calls regarding this but she ignored it considering it to be related to some scam. He initially misunderstood the phone call from the lottery official as a scam for several days.

Phone calls deemed fraudulent

The woman who won the lottery told ‘The Lot’ that she had received a few phone calls and emails shortly after the draw but mistook it as a scam and could not identify it. Therefore, he did not reply or take any notice in this regard. He ignored phone calls and emails for a few days and then finally decided to log into his online The Lot account, he said. Later it was quite surprising that he has won about 55 lakh rupees. The jackpot winner said that she is still thinking about how to use her prize money.

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