The wolf people: an animated film about celtic folklore in the hair

CRITICAL – This last part of a triptych exudes enchanting poetry.

Distributors of children’s films lack imagination. They invariably wait for the school holidays to release feature films aimed at an age group that represents the moviegoers of tomorrow and that remains ignored the rest of the year. This concentration, worsened by the Covid and the closure of theaters for long months, sees a swarm of productions pouring out for those under 10 years old on Wednesday. Outraged Little Nicolas’s Treasure , Ron unlocks, Zebulon the dragon and the flying doctors, Whoops! I missed the Ark again … and The Wolf People land on the screens. The latter should have been released a year ago. The pandemic has postponed its broadcast but it is not too late to enjoy its visual splendor and enchanting poetry on a big screen.

Fabulous nature

The Wolf People is the last part of a triptych on Irish folklore, after Brendan and the Secret of Kells and The Song of the Sea. Tomm Moore, this time with the help of co-director Ross Stewart, puts

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