The washing machine exploded like a bomb while operating, destroying the entire kitchen

A Scottish woman had a heart attack when the family washing machine suddenly exploded while operating, causing damage to the entire kitchen.

The washing machine exploded and the tub part was thrown out.

Laura Birrell, a businesswoman living in the city of Glasgow (Scotland), shared on her Facebook page pictures showing the washing machine was seriously damaged, while the stone kitchen countertop was above the washing machine. was blown apart by the pressure from the explosion.

Birrell said at the time of the incident she was in the living room and when she heard an explosion, she thought there was a bomb or something that broke the kitchen window. Birrell ran into the kitchen and watched a scene of desolation unfold before his eyes as smoke rose, fragments of glass everywhere.

“I’ve heard a lot of people advise not to leave the house while the washing machine is running. Today, I’m glad I didn’t go out when my washing machine literally exploded. thought there was a bomb exploded, broken glass everywhere, “said Birrell on his Facebook page.

The cause of the explosion is still unknown, but Birrell said that it was more likely that the drum was exploded inside the machine while operating. Fortunately when things happened, no one was in the kitchen, otherwise the consequences could be even more serious.

As soon as she ran into the kitchen, Birrell had unplugged the washing machine, otherwise a serious fire could have happened.

The washer exploded like a bomb while in operation, destroying the entire kitchen - 2

The stone counter at the top of the washer crumbled after the explosion.

Birrell has contacted Whirlpool (USA), manufacturer of the washing machine problem, to notify about the incident. Whirlpool representatives said they will conduct an investigation to find the cause of the explosion.

“We are on the side of the user affected by this incident and we are investigating the case. We spoke to the customer and one of our engineers will come to work with the customer. to find out about this urgent issue, “a Whirlpool representative said in a statement.

Birrell said she will now be more vigilant and will never leave the washing machine running when no one is home, and advise her children to stay away from the washing machine while the appliance is operating to avoid a similar incident. could happen.

According to Dantri / N18

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