The war of padel circuits, this new racket sport that is a hit

Exit tennis at Roland-Garros. Electric blue synthetic turf has replaced the iconic clay court. The Parisian stadium at Porte d’Auteuil hosted, from July 10 to 17, the first major padel tournament in Europe. padel? It is this racket sport that is a hit in the Ibero-American countries, where you organize a game as easily as you find your friends in a bar. No need, in fact, for an exceptional physical condition to hang on: the ground to be covered is three times smaller than in tennis. In France, 300,000 regular practitioners have tested and adopted it. In Spain, they are 6 million!

The game’s rules

Not to be confused with the paddleboard nicknamed “paddle”, the padel, born in the 1970s in Mexico, takes up all the strokes of tennis: service, forehand, backhand, volley, drop shot, lob and smash. The calculation of points is similar: 15, 30, 40, game. Six games offer an inning, it takes two to win a match. The field, three times smaller than a tennis court, is called a “track” (“pista” means “field” in Spanish). Rectangular, it measures 10 meters by 20. As in squash, the track is surrounded by glass and grids on which the ball bounces. Four players compete in doubles. During exchanges, paddlers can sprint off the track to try to catch a ball that has gone beyond the walls.

From Tony Parker to Teddy Riner, renowned athletes have gotten into it. Footballers are not

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