The Venice Film Festival announces a “less complicated” health protocol than in Cannes

Alberto Barbera, the director of the Italian festival, ensures that participants will have to provide a single negative test for covid or proof of vaccination which may come from countries outside the European Union.

The competition between the Venice Film Festival and the Cannes Film Festival is not about to end. As a snub to the Cannes event, Alberto Barbera, the director of the great Italian cinema meeting, assured that “the situation will be much less complicated than in Cannes“.

During a press conference, Alberto Barbera and Roberto Cicutto, president of the Venice Biennale, unveiled the main lines of the health protocol for the event, which will take place from September 1 to 11, 2021 in Italy. Despite the spread of the Delta variant, the two men tried to remain optimistic, guaranteeing that the health protocol would be less strict than in Cannes. “There is a political will that the festival takes place in the best possible way”, Roberto Cicutto announced.

“[Cannes] an experience we can learn from ”

As on the Croisette, many free tests will be available in different places of the Festival but it will not be necessary for the participants to be tested every day. The president of the Mostra specifies that the tickets will automatically include proof of vaccination or a negative covid result.

Another point of tension that had irritated the Croisette, the European Covid certificate, “an experience we can learn from»Specified the artistic director. Indeed, the certificates of people vaccinated outside the European Union were not necessarily considered valid on the Croisette. The organizers of the Mostra stressed that negotiations were underway with the Italian government to remedy this problem.

The festival management of course incorporated the recommendations of the government, which had announced that to participate in the film screenings, you had to present a “green pass”, proof of vaccination or a recent negative test for Covid.

As in the previous year, online ticketing and social distancing will be required with rooms whose gauge will not exceed 50%.

Optimist, Alberto Barbera concludes: “ We have a month to put in place a health protocol that will allow us to make the festival experience easier for everyone.

An easier entry into Italian territory

If the organizers of the Mostra have detailed the “festival experience», They also returned to the conditions of entry into Italian territory. “If the situation does not get worse», Entry into Italian territory is possible for professional reasons, with a negative test which allows you to stay there for five days.

Sufficient time according to Barbera: “It’s enough for everyone, even American stars and talents, to come to the festival to promote their film and come home, without complications, provided their respective countries do not force them to stay in. quarantine.” Note, however, that British citizens – whether vaccinated or not – must self-quarantine for five days, a measure that must be discussed again by July 30. Travelers from China, Brazil, India and Bangladesh are prohibited from entering transalpine territory.

The Venice Film Festival will still try to stand out from its colleague and nevertheless Cannes who was pinned by Variety. Some American festival-goers had described in the columns of the magazine the sanitary protocol on the Croisette of “confusing” and “disgusting”.


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