The vas deferens after the fall

HanoiA 21-year-old man in Hoa Binh had a motorbike accident, many injuries, especially left inguinal injury.

He was admitted to the Viet Duc Friendship Hospital last week, with damage to the left pelvic vein, with thrombosis of the outer pelvic vein and left thigh. The patient also had a complete rupture of the left vasculature and the left vas deferens.

Doctor Nguyen Huu Thao, Center of Namology, Viet Duc Friendship Hospital, said that the left semen and vasectomy bundles are responsible for supplying blood up to 80% to the testicles. These two parts damage the patient’s testicles. In addition, the left vasectomy is ruptured, causing the sperm to go out of the way to the left testicle.

“The young patient, having just one child, needs to treat the injury early to ensure reproductive health in the future”, Dr. Thao said.

Patients are being treated at Viet Duc Hospital. Photo provided by the hospital.

Cardiologists have connected the femoral vein, sewed the external pelvic vein wound, checked for good circulation. Then, the doctor from the South Study Center processed, filtered and directly connected the vas deferens using two-layer microsurgery technique.

Due to the small vasculature, just 1 mm, and the vas deferens less than 1 mm in size, doctors use only 9.0 microsurgery and 10.0 microsurgery with 10 to 20 magnification of microsurgery systems to can clearly observe the lesion and reconnect the severity to the patient. This is the most advanced technique available today in the management of vasectomy with high success rate.

Currently, the 6th day after surgery, the patient’s health is stable, the left leg can be mobilized, the ultrasound of blood vessels shows good blood supply to the testicles.

Le Nga