The US stopped the city surveillance plane project

07/02/2021 13:58 GMT + 7

The Baltimore City panoramic city surveillance reconnaissance project was launched secretly in 2016, when previously only in a war zone.

Baltimore City Council (Maryland, USA) has voted unanimously to stop the aerial surveillance program with reconnaissance aircraft equipped with high quality cameras. Of course, many people are still surprised to know that this program is available in America.

This is a “pilot” program in collaboration between Persistent Surveillance Systems, a security technology company, and the Baltimore Police Department (BPD) since 2016. The project is called Aerial Investigation Research.

The reconnaissance aircraft system is capable of monitoring about 90% of the city of Baltimore from above, operating more than 10 hours per day. This project started in secret, when previously only appeared in war zones, but later discovered by aviation experts.

The project of using a spy plane to monitor the panorama of the city of Baltimore (US) was started secretly in 2016

In November of last year, the American Federation of Civil Liberties (ACLU) filed a lawsuit against BPD to prevent the program from continuing. In the lawsuit, BPD was found to have failed to publish the full scope of the show, as well as the length of time the surveillance footage was stored.

Brett Max Kaufman, ACLU’s attorney stated: “The termination of the spy plane program by Baltimore is an arduous victory for all city dwellers. This decision acknowledges that panoramic surveillance technology has no place in our cities ”.

Currently the case is still ongoing, and is expected to have an appellate hearing next month. Privacy advocates hope that the show will eventually be banned entirely in Baltimore or any city.

As for the head of the city of Baltimore, Mayor Brandon Scott said, is building a comprehensive strategy for public security. The city is expected to keep about 15% of the data for the criminal investigation.

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