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The US State Department expressed concern over the India-China border dispute, saying – solutions arrived in a peaceful manner

new Delhi: The India-China border dispute has been commented on for the first time since the new President Joe Biden took office in the US. The US State Department has said that he is well aware of the attitude of China to intimidate neighboring countries and in such a situation he will stand with his friendly countries.

Peaceful solutions

Actually, US State Department Spokesman Ned Price has taken China in the face of the India-China border dispute during a press conference. He says, ‘We are closely monitoring the situation. We know the negotiations going on between the governments of India and China and we hope to negotiate directly and find a peaceful solution to those border disputes. ‘

With India in all circumstances

Along with this, Ned Price has spoken about standing with him in every situation while describing India as his friend. He says, ‘There is an ongoing effort from China to scare our neighbors. Which we are very worried about. As always, we will stand with our friends, stand with colleagues, stand with colleagues.

Donald Trump also commented

Earlier, former US President Donald Trump also commented on the India-China border dispute. Trump had said that he hoped India and China would find a solution to their border dispute soon. With this, he once again offered help to both Asian countries.

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