The US prepares to monopolize Facebook for acquiring Instagram and WhatsApp

According to Reuters sources, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and a group of dozens of state attorneys general are set to file an antitrust lawsuit against Facebook in early December.

Investigation Facebook The FTC’s ongoing shows, they can sue this social network in federal court. A group of states, led by New York, could join the lawsuit. Reuters sources revealed 41 states will sign the application at most.

New York Attorney General Letitia James did not comment on the investigation, but emphasized that it would use all professional measures to determine whether Facebook’s behavior impedes competition, reduces choice or places data. of the user into danger or not.

The FTC and the states have yet to decide how they file the lawsuit. The FTC can unilaterally file in district courts, while the independent executing states or the FTC can file with the administrative law judge, and the states file to the county, or they join together and sue in court. district judgment.

FTC members have a meeting today (November 20). Unlike the Ministry of Justice, which often has new leaders when there is a new government, the term of office of the FTC members has not changed.

The lawsuit will focus on Facebook’s antitrust violations, if any, to protect market share on social media. The FTC and states say that Facebook hindered competition with the $ 1 billion acquisition of Instagram photo-sharing app in 2012. Undermining the privacy protection layer of secure messaging app WhatsApp, after acquiring for $ 22 billion in 2014 and selectively crushing competitors by refusing to share user data.

Startup investors, antitrust experts and privacy activists all criticize the FTC, for allowing Facebook to buy back Instagram and WhatsApp. A report by the US House of Representatives Committee of Judiciary points out that Facebook utilizes its superior market data access to identify imminent competitive threats. From there, copy, buy, or block competitors through restricting access to Facebook data.

Du Lam (According to Reuters)

Separate sanctions are needed to manage Facebook in the Vietnamese market

Separate sanctions are needed to manage Facebook in the Vietnamese market

From the reality of countries around the world, the management of Facebook or cross-border social networks needs to have its own sanctions that are both deterrent and fair, enabling all social networks to co-operate. development.


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