The US pledged to finance $ 1 billion to Brazil to block Huawei

The United States has stepped up its attack against Huawei by financing Brazil to prevent Chinese companies from joining the country’s 5G network.

During a trip to Brazil on October 20, officials from the US Export Import Bank (EXIM) and the US government signed a memorandum of understanding to “identify potential opportunities” for the funding up to 1 billion USD.

According to a statement by US National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien, the agreement focuses on funding areas including energy and telecommunications, in which 5G is seen as an important area.

Citing sources from Reuters said, US officials told reporters at the signing that funding would be available for Brazil to purchase telecommunications equipment from Huawei’s rivals.

US sanctions provide a $ 27 billion opportunity for Huawei rivals

The Washington administration still asserted that Huawei posed a threat to national security and said that Huawei could collect data from citizens in other countries and provide it to Beijing. However, Huawei has repeatedly denied those claims.

In order to reinforce its assertions, the US has sought to persuade countries around the world, especially close ones, to prevent Huawei from participating in allied nations’ 5G networks. This technology promises super-fast data speeds and high bandwidth that can underpin critical infrastructure.

Countries like Australia and Japan have basically blocked it Huawei participate in their 5G infrastructure. Earlier this year, the UK said Huawei would be banned from participating in its 5G network and ordered mobile carriers to completely remove the equipment of Chinese companies by 2027. On October 20, Sweden becomes the latest country to exclude Huawei from 5G networks.

Huawei’s exclusion from Brazil would be another fatal blow to Huawei as Brazil is one of the markets of great size.

Phan Van Hoa(According to CNBC)

The US sponsors developing countries to 'rock' Huawei

The US sponsors developing countries to ‘rock’ Huawei

According to The Wall Street Times, the US intends to lend developing countries billions of dollars in the hope of convincing them to use western telecommunications equipment instead of Huawei and ZTE when building 5G networks.


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