The US maintains Trump’s order against Chinese technology

The administration of President Joe Biden will allow former President Donald Trump’s administration to fight Chinese technology threats into effect next month.

Follow Wall Street Journal, a regulation introduced in November 2020 to allow the US Department of Commerce to ban technology business transactions deemed a threat to national security. This is part of the Trump administration’s effort to protect the US supply chain.

The US technology, telecommunications, finance … companies believe that Mr. Trump’s measures can limit innovation and competition. Representatives of businesses expressed their hope that the Biden administration would postpone the application of this regulation.

However, the source of the WSJ asserted that the Biden administration will allow the regulation to take effect from March. White House officials fear that obstructing this regulation will make the Biden administration considered “soft” for China.

My thuong chien - Trung anh 1

The administration of US President Joe Biden does not want to be seen as being soft with China. Photo: Reuters.

A representative of the US Department of Commerce said that this agency will continue to receive feedback from businesses on the above regulations until March 22. After this date, the rule will go into effect. The White House did not comment.

According to statistics from the US Department of Commerce, this regulation can affect the operations of 4.5 million US businesses. These companies will have to apply for a government license to purchase and make deals involving complex technologies.

The Biden administration will closely monitor technology transactions related to critical US infrastructure, satellite networks and services, data, Internet software, high-end computer technology, and drones, autonomous systems or robots …

Last year, the administration of former President Trump banned American businesses from doing business with some Chinese technology companies such as Huawei, WeChat … According to WSJMany US business leaders admitted that they face many technological risks from China, including the risk of intellectual property piracy, medical data and financial …

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