The US Department of Homeland Security warns against risks in Chinese digital equipment and services

12/23/2020 17:50 GMT + 7

The US Department of Homeland Security has warned US businesses about the use of hardware equipment and digital services that are related or manufactured by Chinese companies.

The US Department of Homeland Security warns businesses to be cautious when using Chinese hardware and digital services. (Image: Getty Images)

According to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Chinese products can contain backdoors, bugdoors or hidden data collection mechanisms to collect data from Western businesses, transfer that information. to domestic competitors for China’s economic goals. The agency said that all equipment and services that connect remotely with Chinese companies should be viewed as a business risk and cybersecurity.

DHS argues that China’s National Security Law allows it to force any company or citizen to modify products, engage in tracking, and steal intellectual property. Acting DHS Secretary Chad F. Wolf denounces US networks and data are exposed to cybersecurity risks in China, where the data is used to provide an unfair competitive advantage for businesses. China on the global market. It puts the US economy and business at risk of direct exploitation. He urged firms to be cautious before signing any deal with a China-related partner.

Earlier, Mr. Wolf described China as “an obvious and present danger” to American democracy. DHS announced “business consulting” less than a month before the transfer of government in the US. President-elect Joe Biden is expected to name DHS Director next month.

In a July 2020 interview with Fox News, FBI Director Christopher Wray revealed that half of the nearly 5,000 FBI counter-espionage cases involved China stealing US technology. Through the new advisory, DHS warns US businesses that the theft of China can happen through business partners, internal risks and digital devices and services containing backdoors.

“All organizations and individuals who choose to purchase data services and equipment from Chinese-related businesses, or store data on software and equipment developed by these companies, should be aware of Significant, effective and in some cases risky, legal in doing business with them ”, DHS stated in warning.

Du Lam (According to ZDN)

The US trade embargo list is about to have nearly 80 more Chinese companies

The US trade embargo list is about to have nearly 80 more Chinese companies

According to Reuters, the US is about to add dozens of Chinese companies, including top chip maker SMIC, to the list of trade sanctions.


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