The unexpected wishes of Chuck Norris to the inhabitants and traders of Bastia

VIDEO – The association of traders in the Corsican capital called on the actor to Walker, Texas Ranger for its virile and reassuring image.

Pace è salute!“. In a message posted on Facebook the actor-karateka Chuck Norris wished to send greetings, as unexpected as they are interested, to the merchants of Bastia and their customers.

Distilled facing the camera in very simple English embellished with a typical Corsican expression, the phrases of the bodybuilder hero of the series Walker, Texas Ranger sounded like a blunt advertising slogan.

Translated into the language of Molière, it goes something like this: “Hi Bastia, it’s Chuck Norris. I wish you and as you say at home: Pace è salute. In 2021, thank you for continuing to support your local traders. Just know that Chuck Norris is with you, and don’t forget that “Tidy” approves this approach. “

328 euros to afford Chuck Norris

The choice of the American actor, famous in the world since his fight with the legendary Bruce Lee in the fury of the dragon is no accident. It is a Corsican figure, Daniel Benedittini, the president of the association of Bastia traders, who had the idea to use the image, virile and reassuring, of Chuck Norris to convince the island barges to continue to make their shopping in the shops of the Corsican capital.

The price to pay to afford the indestructible Yankee comedian will not have been exorbitant. Indeed, for the modest sum of 328 euros, the Cameo site gives the possibility to stars to promote an activity, a city or a tourist place.

In the specific case of Bastia, the personality of Chuck Norris, both determined and sympathetic, proved to be perfect in the eyes of Daniel Benedittini who declared to our colleagues from France 3: “ We went through the list of personalities looking for the one that could please Bastia. And Chuck Norris won. It was the funniest choice, everyone knows it …

Le Figaro presents, below, the message of Chuck Norris and an extract of his dantesque fight against Bruce Lee in The Dragon’s fury and the message from Chuck Norris to Bastia.

The Dragon’s fury in 1972 by Bruce Lee, with Chuck Norris … the legendary fight of the two masters of martial arts

The unexpected wishes of Chuck Norris to the merchants of Bastia


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