The two institutes coordinated to pull out a piece of wood to pierce the patient’s brain

After the accident, she lost consciousness on the spot, family members carried down the mountain to the district hospital. The first-aid doctors, but there are not enough equipment, so it is not possible to determine whether there is an foreign object in the patient’s head or not. The patient was transferred to Viet Duc Friendship Hospital on March 23.

Doctor Le Hong Nhan, Deputy Director of Center for Neurosurgery, Head of Neurosurgery Division II, said that the patient was hospitalized in a state of state, no paralysis, no fever, swelling in the right eye, bruising. jammed intraocular organization, the eyeball has fallen, suspecting that the eyeball has broken.

The scans showed a long piece of wood stuck into the inner wall of the eye socket and entering the skull, bleeding, and gathering air around the foreign body.

Surgeons take the foreign body out of the patient’s head. Image: Hospital provided.

Professor Tran Binh Giang, Director of the Hospital and leading experts on neurosurgery, radiology diagnosis, resuscitation, consulted with doctor Bui Thi Huong Giang of Central Eye Hospital. Doctors decided to remove the eyeball, remove the foreign body from the fossa and in the skull.

On the morning of March 29, the foreign body surgery was conducted under a microscope. Dr. Le Hong Nhan and the team of neurosurgeons carefully obtained a long, oblong piece of wood nearly 12 cm long. The head of the foreign body is located inside the brain, about 0.5 cm wide, 0.5 cm thick; the other head is one centimeter thick, plugged into the wall of the skull.

The patient continued to be treated, monitored for infectious lesions and bleeding after surgery.


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