The truth behind ’10 years young’ skin

Ho Chi Minh CityImpressed with the ad “painless skin rejuvenation, only performed once, effective for 10 years”, Ms. Thanh (47 years old) chose a beauty salon in District 3 for “multi-level regeneration”.

When advising Ms. Thanh, the staff here said that using a machine with dissociation rays and light wave frequencies moving slightly on the surface of the skin, combined with essence to regenerate the outer skin to help tighten the skin. , stretch the ball, smooth, erase dark spots, dark circles in the eyes and bridge of the nose. The beauty salon also uses biological waves to increase muscle and fat production, fill in the gaps on the face, remove sagging skin on both cheeks, and help firm skin.

“The salon staff promises to fix the defects on the face in a single time, with 60 minutes of implementation, non-invasive, no surgical cutlery, no infusion of foreign substances into the body, then return home. The family still eats and drinks normally, without spending time on convalescence,” said Ms. Thanh. This effect is committed to last about 10 years, whenever it is not beautiful, you can return to the warranty, according to the consultant.

During the procedure, the staff covered her eyes, so she did not know what to treat. “They injected two needles into my face, I asked about it and was told that it was an anesthetic,” Thanh shared. The next day, she appeared a lump on both cheeks, so she went to a hospital to check. The doctor did an ultrasound and noted that there was filler (filler) scattered under the skin.

Ms. Thanh has not yet recorded complications due to filler, but is very worried: “Now I just hope nothing bad happens, but do not expect to look younger than the promised age”.

Ms. Ha Minh (43 years old) searches for information about beauty methods and salon names online before performing cosmetic surgery. Over the past few years, her facial skin has shown obvious signs of aging with dark spots, dark spots, large pores, dark circles under her eyes, sagging, sagging, wrinkles at the corners of her eyes and mouth. .

Typing the keyword “skin rejuvenation” will appear dozens of ads of beauty salons. Most are committed to “one-time treatment” with modern, non-surgical, non-invasive machines and technology. The result is skin rejuvenation on the surface as well as deep skin, erasing melasma and freckles, tightening skin, increasing muscle to firm skin, removing excess fat on the face… and maintaining for many years. .

Ms. Minh is luckier than Ms. Thanh, thanks to joining a group after plastic surgery, she received many warnings not to believe ads. Finally, Ms. Minh gave up this beauty idea.

A patient came to Ho Chi Minh City Dermatology Hospital in December 2021 after suffering from swelling, bruising, and fluid leakage due to filler injection to fill the sunken area in the temple. Photo: Hospital provides

Master, Doctor Phan Ngoc Huy (Department of Aesthetic Skin, Ho Chi Minh City Hospital of Dermatology), said that skin aging progresses in a one-way street. The care and intervention helps to improve, slow down, but not stop the aging process There is no one-time method that can last for many years. To date, all skin rejuvenation treatments require repeat treatments, some weekly, some monthly, some yearly like monopolar RF, ultrasound. converging.

“The skin care process must be done continuously from month to month. It is not possible to treat once but be effective for a decade while the skin is aging every day due to exposure to the environment and polluted air. , stress, or exposure to substances such as alcohol, tobacco …”, Dr. Huy said.

According to Dr. Huy, some of the most popular methods of skin rejuvenation today are chemical skin resurfacing, using methods of micro-injection of nutrients into the skin or high technology such as picosecond lasers, ultrasound waves. Micro-focusing, unipolar RF waves to rejuvenate the skin… These methods must be performed many times. For example, laser treatment in tanning, freckle, or pigmented birthmarks, typically needs to be repeated every 4 weeks.

Doctor Huy believes that quick beautification to welcome Tet is a legitimate need. This need can be fulfilled with many methods of smoothing the skin, improving skin defects such as acne scars, dark spots, correcting facial contours such as high nose bridge, hollow cheeks, sunken temples. … However, people need to consider, soberly choose appropriate methods, reputable facilities, use quality products; A skilled operator is allowed to perform the technique to limit the risk of complications.

“Usually at the end of the year, the hospital receives many cases of stroke, with about 3-5 cases per day,” said Dr. Huy. Complications often stem from the patient’s desire for fast beauty, cheap beauty, unlicensed facilities, and low-quality products. Most complications need a long time to handle, overcome, even there are irreversible complications.

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