The trend of pouring hydrogen peroxide into the ears is potentially dangerous on TikTok

A girl shows viewers how to clean her ears with an antiseptic solution. This practice can be dangerous in some cases.

Recently, TikToker named Ayisha showed how she cleans her ears with antiseptic. In the short video, viewers can see this girl holding a sizable bottle of solution and slowly instilling medicine into her ear. Currently, this video has attracted more than 14 million views.

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Tiktoker Ayisha uses hydrogen peroxide solution to clean the ears. Photo: BuzzFeed.

The antiseptic solution used by Ayisha is hydrogen peroxide, also known as “hydrogen water”, which is a mild antiseptic used on the skin to prevent infection in minor wounds.

This female TikToker shares this is the way she often uses to clean the inside of her ears. After the medicine had soaked for a while, Ayisha tilted her head to let the liquid drain out and wiped it clean with a towel.

Share with BuzzFeed, Ayisha said her family was recommended this method by a pediatrician. She describes this as one of her most “happy” habits. In addition, Ayisha also shared that cleaning the ears can also help us hear sounds in more detail and clarity.

According to Tonia L. Farmer, an otolaryngologist from Ohio, this method is as safe as what Ayisha shared.

“I use hydrogen peroxide at my office to assist with the cleaning of my ears almost every day. This method is quite safe when used in the ear canal, “Ms. Farmer said

However, Ms. Farmer also warned that there are some cases where pouring hydrogen peroxide directly into the ear without a doctor’s advice can be dangerous.

“I emphasize that hydrogen peroxide should not be used if there is a wound inside the ear or at the eardrum. The use of this antiseptic solution in such cases should only be done under the guidance of a professional. medical staff”, Dr. Farmer shared with BuzzFeed.

To clean the ears at home, Ms. Farmer advises people to put only 5-10 drops of hydrogen peroxide in the ear canal and leave it for 5 minutes, similar to Ayisha’s method. After that, people should sit up and tilt their heads so that the solution and earwax can drain out. Finally, use a towel or a soft cloth to wipe it clean.

In fact, earwax is quite a useful part as it helps create a film that protects our ears from dirt, bacteria and even some insects. Cleaning the inside of the ear should only be done at a certain frequency. People should also consult with their doctor before doing this on their own.

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