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The tremendous boost from readers of “La Croix” to students

In reaction to the distress of many students, forced to follow most of their teaching at a distance and often deprived of jobs, The cross and the entire Bayard group have joined forces with the Fondation de France to appeal for generosity. At 1er April, a month after the start of the operation, more than € 166,000 in donations had been received.

This generosity will make it possible to support projects selected by a committee of experts from the Fondation de France. Among them, the initiative launched by staff from the University of Orleans. Noting last March that many students had empty cupboards and refrigerators, these teacher-researchers and administrative agents set up food distributions and founded an association, Orléans supports students from around the world (Osem).

300 students at each food distribution

“Once a month, we distribute baskets of about 8 kg, with basic products (pasta, rice, sugar), fruits and vegetables, cooked meals offered by restaurateurs and also hygiene products”, details Magali Ribot, his treasurer. Osem will benefit from support to the tune of € 10,000, enough to finance three distributions. “I never thought I would see 300 students, many of them foreigners, but not only, queuing up to eat”, sighs this teacher-researcher in maths.

The association has also built a network of mentors, to help students who encounter other types of difficulty. “My godmother, one of my teachers, helped me find a room in the U. city when, having lost my student job, I could no longer pay my rent in a private residence”, testifies Tidjani, 26 years old, in the second year of bachelor’s degree in biology.

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This moral support is also invaluable, whereas isolation and distance education encourage the rise of mental disorders, attested by several surveys. This is what prompted the Relais Collégiens Lycéens de La Courneuve (Seine-Saint-Denis), a structure attached to the French Student Health Foundation, to recently offer free psychological and psychiatric consultations for young people in higher education. . “A public that is often slow to seek treatment, all the more so in the current context”, explains Thibaut Ernouf, the psychiatrist responsible for this structure.

A free appointment with a shrink

“We offer them appointments with psychologists, then, if necessary, with a psychiatrist to initiate therapy”, he says. An initiative initiated by public funds and which could be extended thanks to the granting of € 34,000 collected as part of the operation launched by “La Croix”.

This generosity will also benefit – up to € 20,000 – 16-25 year olds in training at the École de la second chance de Mulhouse. “A public of dropouts engaged in an eight-month training course which allows them to define, test and validate a professional project”, says Barbara Bucher, its director. During the first confinement, it appeared that 98% of the students did not have a computer. Hence the objective of “Provide each young person entering training with a computer refurbished by Emmaüs Défi or a local player in the social and solidarity economy”.

In training since November, Youssef has long only had his mobile phone as his only working tool. “Not easy to write a CV or a cover letter. “ About ten days ago, this young man who is about to undertake qualifying training in electricity, was given a computer. “It has, no more and no less, changed my life! “, he exclaims.


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