The Tree of Life, Adèle’s life, The adventures of Tintin: The secret of the Unicorn… Online films to see, or not, this week

While waiting for the reopening of cinemas in two weeks, the drafting of Figaro offers you a selection of new products available on streaming platforms or on VOD.

To have

The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn, Indiana Jones, reporter

Neither quite a film, nor quite a cartoon, here comes Steven Spielberg’s Tintin, adapted from three albums by Hergé. How not to betray the clear line by using the digital technique of “motion capture”? Certain scrogneugneux and other exegetic tintinophiles will surely be put off. Yet the energy is there. Life circulates under the digital make-up of Englishman Jamie Bell, alias Tintin, and Captain Haddock, admirably played by Andy Serkis. Let’s say it clearly: Steven Spielberg and Jackson have achieved the feat of not betraying the spirit of Tintin. Imbued with action, humor and suspense, the film is as twirling as it is virtuoso. We find there the innocence and the joyful candor that animated the first films of the director of AND and the trilogy of Indiana Jones. This film is at the convergence between the mystery novel, the detective film and the adventure epic. Tintin’s new avatar will appeal to future generations, from 7 to 77 years old. The hero is always so fast, curious, enthusiastic, reporter at heart. And he may reimagine his puff at the start of the film, it immediately rebels at the first spray of adventure. OD

Available from May 9 on MyCanal

The Tree of Life, cleaving

For its Cannes Festival collection, the Salto platform reveals a busy month of May in cinema. Many award-winning films on the Croisette will be available from May 7th. Among them, The Tree of Life, awarded the Palme d’Or in 2011 and crowned Oscar for best film the same year. To fully penetrate into the director’s fifth film Harvests from the sky, it is first of all necessary to accept to let go. The tree of Life by Terrence Malick, as the 2001: A Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick in his time, is a sum film, a long filmic prayer, of extraordinary formal beauty, mixing religion, philosophy of existence, parental transmission, rebellion of a son against the overly authoritarian education of his father . Conceived like the roots and rhizomes of a tree, the film branches out into scattered narrative shards. Malick breaks free from the codes of classic cinema. He constructs this family chronicle in the deep America of the 1950s like a gigantic kaleidoscope, a cinematographic stained glass window of 2:18. Surprising sequences recounting the creation of the universe are inserted between the scenes of family life. Malick’s camera eye often observes things with the gaze of the sky, the stars, or the treetops. Like the eyes of a child looking down at his father. A domineering father steeped in religion, embodied by a prodigious and fair Brad Pitt. The mother being tender, loving (Jessica Chastain), trying to give confidence to her three sons. OD

Available on Salto from May 7

To review

Mr. Hulot’s Holidays, years

Each image of Monsieur Hulot’s vacation is a postcard sent in 1953 from Saint-Marc-sur-Mer where his hotel de la Plage welcomes serious vacationers every year. Monsieur Hulot arrives – always late, of course, the delay, that is to say the delay which is the trademark of Tati – in this assembly like a dog in a game of skittles. As soon as he opens the door, there is a wave of panic. Curiously, when we see this burlesque classic again, we laugh, rocked by the jazz of Alain Romans, not cult scenes (the tennis game, the fireworks, the boat broken in two, the famous convertible , finely manipulated model of a Salmson AL3?), but more minor scenes, such as the ping-pong scene, the burial with the tire as a crown or the spurs scene. As for the famous primitive sequence of the station platform and its incomprehensible correspondences – the sound, the always inflated noises have a singular dimension in Tati – it naturally remains a summit. AP

Available with the Jacques Tatie collection on Netflix

Bandits Bandits, (re) visit history

In the near future of the 1980s, Kevin is a little boy like any other. One night, a flock of dwarves settles in his room and leads him on an adventure through the ages. Their objective ? Thwart the plans of Evil. If the special effects of this fantastic delirium signed Terry Gilliam have taken a hell of a time, Bandits Bandits remains a pleasant adventure film to watch with the family. It is with pleasure that we meet again Ian Holm (who will later play another character who left to fight the countryside with small beings) in Napoleon, Sean Connery in Agamemnon or John Cleese in Robin Hood. Supported by its cast, to which is added Shelley Duval, the second film as the sole director of the former Monty Python had been a great success when it was released in 1982. NB

Available on Arte.tv

To avoid

The Life of Adele, plumbing

Someone really needs to give Abdellatif Kechiche a watch. His film lasts three hours. All this to tell what? American Civil War? The Russian revolution? You’re not there: just the love story between two girls in the north of France. Suspecting the fragility of his subject, Kechiche stretches it out, spread it out, confuses breadth and redundancy. The absence of a Selznick producer is sorely felt. Disappointed by her experience with a boy, a high school student sets her sights on a young lady with blue hair. This detail proves that the latter is an artist. She sips strawberry milk, talks about Sartre. The youngest listens to him speechless. They like each other, get closer. Their bodies are revealed in sound embraces, punctuated by the noises of the sink. They are exhausted in gymnastics not yet approved for the Olympic Games. These sequences never end. After a while it looks like a wrestling fight Borat. Obviously that was not the goal. IN

Available on Salto from May 7


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