The trailer for Andor, the new Star Wars series, criticized because of an assault rifle

The first images from the series, which comes out in September, show a character wielding an AK-47. A heresy for the fans.

Disney has come under heavy criticism since posting on Monday 1er august trailer for his next series Star Wars, Andor. In these first images, we see an AK-47, an assault rifle, which has not been modified at all. The props from Star Wars, if they often used real weapons to create their fictional arsenal, they were always careful to make them unrecognizable. Except this time.

Fans of George Lucas’ sci-fi franchise feel that this weapon isn’t true to the universe of Star Wars and called the producersAndor of “lazy”. “The guy has a damn AK-47! In a series Star Wars ! You are so lazy! You couldn’t bother designing a space gun. I am so tired. Really very tired, gets carried away by an English-speaking fan.

According to the Task & Purpose website, George Lucas “inspired by real conflicts” when he started making his films during the 1970s. As an example, he would have explained that the Rebels, from the first Star Wars, were inspired by the Vietnam War. At the time, many Viet Cong fighters used AK-47s. The director used it as the basis for creating the fictional A280 blaster rifle. For the Disney series, this blaster rifle was not used, without knowing why. Are real weapons more powerful than laser weapons?

From the first seconds of the trailer, a character brandishes an actual assault rifle. Trailer screenshot

The use of an AK-47 could also be a source of problems for the firm with big ears because of the recent mass shootings in Buffalo, Ulvade or Highland Park. The House of Representatives has since been working on a bill to control the sale of assault weapons, including the AK-47.


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