The tech CEO was fired for his participation in riots at the Capitol

A director of a technology company in Chicago (USA) was arrested for participating in riots at the Capitol on January 6.

Bradley F. Rukstales, CEO of Cogensia, was arrested by police on charges of illegally entering the Capitol during the January 6 rebellion in Washington.

According to the Business InsiderRukstales was one of dozens of people arrested for participating in the riot. Before that, thousands of people gathered to protest in Washington, in the middle of the bicameral parliament count the electoral votes to confirm the election results.

CEO was struck after coming to Dien Capitol, brother 1

Bradley F. Rukstales, CEO of the technology firm, was arrested for breaking into the Capitol on January 6. Photo: Daily Herald.

President Trump is said to have incited riot by repeatedly declaring widespread fraud. Many people broke into the Capitol, causing riot that caused the counting of votes to be halted for hours.

Based in the western suburb of Schaumburg in Chicago, Cogensia is a technology company that specializes in providing marketing data. In a Twitter post on January 7, Rukstales stated he was very regretful when he joined the riot:

“I have followed hundreds of people, through a row of open doors into the Capitol. The decision to enter the building is wrong, and I regret it, ”said CEO Cogensia, who said that without any qualifications, a law-abiding citizen completely condemned the last rally.

CEO Cogensia also regretted bringing shame to family, colleagues, friends and “fellow countrymen”:

“It was the worst personal decision in life. I have no excuses, wish I could take them back,” Rukstales said.

In a statement released later, Cogensia, Rukstale’s company, announced that it had laid off the CEO for further investigation. Rukstale has been CEO of Cogensia for 19 years.

“Rukstale does not represent Cogensia, his actions do not reflect our policy or our values,” said the company representative.

CEO was struck after coming to Dien Capitol, brother 2

Crowds of protesters at the Capitol. Photo: Getty Images.

Over the years, Rukstale has donated thousands of dollars to the political activities of the Republicans, including 2,600 USD for President Trump’s election campaign, and 2,400 USD to the Republican National Committee (RNC) in October 2020, according to Open Secrets.

Also in October 2020, Rukstale contributed 250 USD to Sen. Kelly Loeffler from Republican, who lost the Georgia Senate election to Democratic Representative Raphael Warnock, the first black senator from Georgia.

In 2019, Rukstales made a donation 1,250 USD for the RNC and a sum for Jeanne Ives, a former Republican member of the Illinois House of Representatives.

According to the Zing / Business Insider

After the riot, the US Congress faced the risk of disclosing security data

US Congressional security data could be released after the January 6 Capitol Riot.


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