The surprising reason when Apple employees asked to quit

Because Apple doesn’t allow working from home, some employees have asked to leave the company.

Because the Covid-19 vaccination campaign in the US is on schedule, Apple has asked employees to come to the company to work. However, not everyone is satisfied with this. A part of Apple employees have decided to quit if the company does not allow them to work from home.

Apple employees are suspicious of him 1

CEO Tim Cook asked employees to come to the company. Photo: Apple.

According to the The Verge, Apple has denied the majority of employees’ work-from-home requests. Instead, the company wants them to stick to Apple’s combined work schedule: forcing people to go to work on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, and work from home the rest of the days.

On the Slack channel with more than 6,000 Apple employees, more than 10 people confirmed they would quit due to the new working regime. Others claim that they know someone who was forced to quit their job for failing to comply with this schedule.

Persons with disabilities who receive ADA (American Disabilities Act) benefits also work from home. However, if Apple asks employees to work at the company entirely, this compensation will be denied. In this case, Apple will give employees 30 days to find a new job.

Apple employees are suspicious of him 2

The form that Apple employees must provide if they want to work from home. Photo: 9to5Mac.

Apple requires employees to provide medical certifications to work from home through the form above. “I will never sign this form,” an Apple employee posted on Twitter.

Many employees told The Verge that Apple requires them to present the appropriate medical documentation in order to be approved to work from home. This makes many people uncomfortable.

Last month, 90% of employees in an internal Apple survey said they were very flexible when working from home. In contrast, Apple thinks it’s essential to work directly at the company and expects people to return to the office soon.

Many employees were angry, even sent a letter of protest to CEO Tim Cook but was rejected. Apple has yet to make an official statement.

According to the Zing/9to5Mac

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