The Suicide Squad, a wild, funny and unpredictable superhero movie parody

CRITICAL – The director of Guardians of the Galaxy dynamite from within the genre of the superhero movie, with this violent and uninhibited blockbuster.

Above all, we don’t take the same ones and start all over again. In 2016, David Ayer had strongly disappointed with the first adaptation of the comics The Suicide Squad.

In 2021, director James Gunn infidelates Marvel-Disney (fired for sexist tweets, he will be back to direct the third part of the Guardians of the Galaxy ) and took on the new big-screen adaptation of this squad of supervillains tasked with saving the world against an illusory remission.

The plot is as simple as a commando movie from the 1960s: a gang of superheroic convicts is sent on a suicide mission by the American Secret Service. Their objective ? Storm the island of Corto Maltese (a pleasant little nod to Hugo Pratt and his favorite character) and “clean up” by eliminating an underground threat that bothers the highest authorities.

On this most invigorating scheme, James Gunn reinjected the charming Margot Robbie who

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