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The statement of the Ukrainian army on the war, said – strong resistance to Russian aggression continues in the eastern part

Ukraine’s military has claimed that it is vigorously resisting Russian aggression in the eastern part of the country, which is paying the price in the form of loss of life and property. The General Staff of Ukraine’s Armed Forces said in a Facebook post on Sunday that Russian troops were attempting to advance into the Sloboda, Donetsk and Taurid regions but were being stopped by Ukrainian troops, who continued to fight village-to-village.

At the same time, Ukrainian intelligence officials have accused Russian soldiers of destroying medical institutions in many cities and towns they hold. Meanwhile, the city council of the city of Mariupol in southern Ukraine said a UN-backed program for a mass evacuation of civilians would begin on Monday.

Citizens trapped in Mariupol
The United Nations on Saturday helped evacuate civilians from the last defensive bastion of buildings destroyed by the bombing in the port city of Mariupol. According to Ukrainian officials, an estimated 100,000 civilians live in the city and about a thousand have taken refuge in a massive Soviet-era steel plant.

Ukraine attacks damage oil depots in Russia
At the same time, satellite images analyzed by the news agency ‘Associated Press’ showed that oil depots across the Ukrainian border in Russia have been damaged after suspected Ukrainian attacks. Saturday’s photos illustrate the damage at two sites in Bryansk. Last Monday’s blast damaged several tanks, burning the surrounding ground.

The explosion burned down an oil depot owned by Transneft-Druzhba, a subsidiary of Transneft, a Russian state-controlled company that operates the Druzhba (Friendship) pipeline carrying crude to Europe. Bryansk is located about 100 kilometers north of the border with Ukraine.

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