The skipper Jean Le Cam saves his competitor Kévin Escoffier from the sinking in the middle of the Vendée Globe

He thought he was dead. The skipper Kévin Escoffier, whose boat was sinking, was saved by his competitor Jean Le Cam, during the night of Monday to Tuesday, December 1st. The two men are currently competing for the Vendée Globe 2020, a sailing race competition, around the world, solo, non-stop and without assistance. While sailing, Kévin Escoffier explains on the blog of PRB – name of the monohull designed for racing sailing – that “ the boat has folded in on itself in a wave at 27 knots […]. Within seconds, there was water everywhere. The stern of the boat was underwater and the bow pointed skyward. “

“I didn’t have time to do anything. I was just able to send a message to my team: I’m sinking. This is not a joke. MAYDAY “. he adds.

In danger, he decides to activate his distress beacon and continue on his life raft.

After eleven hours of navigation in his life raft, Kévin Escoffier is saved by the skipper Jean Le Cam. The skippers Yannick Bestaven, Boris Herrmann and Sébastien Simon have also taken the lead to come as reinforcements.

The marine spirit

In a video published this Tuesday, December 1 by the organizers of the Vendée Globe, Kévin Escoffier recounts his adventures from Jean Le Cam’s boat. Visibly moved, the athlete goes from laughter to tears. He keeps on : ” Do you see the films about the shipwrecks? It was the same and worse!

Jean Le Cam in turn spoke on the networks to explain this heroic rescue from his point of view:

At one point, I was standing on the bridge, I see a flash. In fact it was the light [du canot de sauvetage] that was reflected on the waves. An apparition ! I tell myself What is not true … And the more I continued, the more apparitions there were. And there you see more and more light, and you say to yourself damn, it’s good. You go from desperation to crazy stuff. I throw the red buoy at him and he manages to get it. In the end we succeeded, he hung on the transmission bar and there it was won », He says.

Jean-Jacques Laurent, President of PRB, congratulated the two skippers: “ Well done to both of you, you really have to have a sea spirit to do this. This is exceptional ! “.

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