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The situation in Pakistan uncontrollable due to inflation, this person cried bitterly on not getting the dough, the video is going viral

Islamabad How the economy of Pakistan’s neighboring country has deteriorated, it can be estimated by knowing the price of wheat there. Here the price of flour is going to reach the highest level. In many parts of the country, its price has reached 75 to 80 rupees per kg. Inflation has made the life of common Pakistani happy. Not only this, there are long queues at shops in many cities including Sindh. Even after waiting, people are not getting flour. It has reached the point of dying of hunger. These days the video of a person is going viral. According to this, this person is crying bitterly and beating his head when the flour is not available.

There are protests

The opposition is protesting against the Imran government on this situation arising in the country. After demonstrations in several cities, the government has made a large-scale plan to overcome the food crisis. Apart from this, emergency camp has been made in the Prime Minister and President’s office. Through this, every situation will be closely monitored.

Bad condition in Sindh, a bread of 15 rupees
To save the economy that has reached the abyss, the government convened a cabinet meeting for the second consecutive day. During this meeting the food crisis in the country was discussed. At the same time, the Imran government blamed the Sindh government for this crisis. There is government of Pakistan Peoples Party in Sindh. The Imran government said that flour is being sold in Sindh for Rs 75 kg.

Pakistani cried bitterly
Now we will tell you why this Pakistani cried? In the video that surfaced, a man is crying. He is telling that he has been trying for three days to get the flour but he did not get it. Not only this, he told that he is hungry for three days, his children are also hungry. This person said that even bread is not available, we are poor, where should we go and where to eat. Not only this, he said that we are ready to eat dry bread, but he is not getting it either.

Significantly, the price of wheat in Pakistan has skyrocketed. Wheat is touching record level so far. Its price has reached 60 rupees per kg. Opposition is constantly targeting the government. He says that the Imran government is unsuccessful. Prices of wheat started rising from December last. These reached nearly Rs 2000 per 40 kg. Things have gone from bad to worse in October.


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