The Singing Club: With valiant chorus, nothing impossible for Kristin Scott Thomas on Canal +

CRITICAL – The actress illuminates with her sincerity and accuracy this dramatic comedy signed by the director of The Full Monty.

It is the quintessence of English dramatic comedy! After The Full Monty, phenomenal worldwide success of 1997, The Singing Club, the new film by Peter Cattaneo should have been released in theaters last November. The pandemic and the closing of cinemas decided otherwise. It is therefore exclusively on Canal + that viewers will finally be able to discover this endearing dramatic comedy with Kristin Scott Thomas.

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Inspired by real events, the story takes place in 2011, in the heart of an armed base in the depths of England. After the surprise deployment of British troops in Afghanistan, the wives of the military found themselves on their own, alone or with their children, faced with a rather bleak life in the garrison. Well-versed in exercise, Colonel Barclay’s wife, Kate (portrayed with accuracy and conviction by Kristin Scott Thomas), tries to organize distractions to overcome boredom, occupy the passage of time and especially avoid thinking too much about the anguish that rises in the evening, once back home … These idle military women soon agree on their desire to found a choir. If the austere Kate Barclay initially imagines a classical repertoire, the other members of the “singing club”, who have found a less severe leader in the person of Lisa (bubbly Sharon Horgan), finally opt for a more pop register.

“Secret wound”

This first female military choir begins somehow to sing Top 50 hits from the crazy youth of its members (over the sessions, we recognize some hits from the group Tear for Fears or Yaz). Between the two leaders of this very particular “singing club”, the current does not pass. Despite these recurring frictions, the adventure will take our Sunday choristers to the Royal Albert Hall for an unforgettable concert. “At the beginning, in the first script that Peter Cattaneo suggested to me, the character of Kate did not really convince me, says Kristin Scott Thomas.This colonel’s wife, however, had potential. But it was a little too dry for my taste, quite unbearable it must be admitted. With Peter, after several rewriting assignments, we managed to make her a more complex woman. Kate has a secret wound. She always takes it upon herself. She projects the image of a strong woman on the outside, while on the inside it’s quite the opposite.

The impeccable staging, some pretty funny projections, and this benevolent lightness make us stand out from The Singing club with a smile on my face and tears in my eyes. “It’s a heartwarming ‘feel good movie’. In these times of pandemic, this is the kind of film that gives courage. As an antidote to the ambient gloom ”,recognizes the Franco-British actress. Before adding, with a touch of British humor: “The sung parts are catchy. I took lessons because, in reality, I sing like a pan. But all the actresses who formed the choir supported me. We all became friends at the end of the shoot. ”

As for the emancipation of women, even if the action takes place long before the emergence of the #Metoo movement, Kristin Scott Thomas is keen to make things clear. “Of course, the wives of soldiers do not enjoy a great deal of freedom, she says. But they make this choice out of love. And, at the heart of this garrison existence regulated like music paper, they find a way to express their individual freedom. It is this common project, this sorority which is born between them, which allows them to free themselves from their constraints. To create something moving. And that’s the main thing… ”


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