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The shadow of ’13’ on China, will the corona virus come out from Wuhan now?

Scientists from the World Health Organization WHO set out for the first time in Wuhan, China. The team of scientists reached Hubei’s Provincial Hospital of Integrated and Western Medicine. This is the hospital where China claims to have treated the initial corona cases.

There are a total of 13 scientists in this team who are from different countries and are experts from different fields. The challenge in front of all of these is to get information about the reasons for the corona outbreak. But the question is, will China allow the information to remain hidden for the whole year?

It is interesting that international scientists will have to take help of Chinese scientists in this work. They have to collect data from hospitals and laboratories controlled by the Chinese government. And samples will have to be taken from the biggest Wuhan Institute of Virology, but the question is whether this will happen.

Officials of the previous Trump government have been alleging that the corona virus leaked from this lab and then spread in the world and China keeps hiding information for this reason. However, these allegations have not been proved so far. Experts believe that this is a new corona virus which is different from previous viruses. But the question is what scientists want to gain from this investigation.

This investigation is necessary for scientists so that new epidemics can be prevented. But China is afraid of its infamy and it is feared that obstacles will be created in the investigation of scientists, they will not be allowed to access the complete information. It has been revealed earlier that no information related to Corona is being allowed to come out without the will of the government.

In such a situation, the question is whether the team of scientists will get all the answers. It took a decade to identify the birthplace of the SARS virus. The birthplace of Ebola virus has not been identified since 1970. It is impossible to identify the birthplace of the virus in a tour and if China refused to give information, then how and where this corona was born can never be answered.

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