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The secret garden, this mysterious forest

► “He has become dumb like a carp”

Béatrice, mother of Gaspard (17 years old)

“A few years ago, when my son entered college, he became a lot more secret than he had been before. While, when he was little, we spent a lot of time together and he told me all his little stories, one fine day, he started to distance himself and not tell me anything more. It started with the ritual question: “How did it go in college?” Where a few months before he would have told me about his day through the menu, he has become as dumb as a carp.

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Today, he is 17 years old, and I don’t know much about the life he leads outside the house. I know he has a good boyfriend but not really what they do together. I have only one certainty, it is that he has a very rich interior life. I want to leave him this discretion with which he surrounds himself. Sometimes he expresses his sensitivity through music and composes pieces that he gives me to listen to. I see in it a mark of confidence and an open window on this secret garden usually closed with a double tower. “

► “I imagine myself to be a star”

Garance, 14 years old

“Sometimes, I dream of other lives than mine, that of a schoolgirl in Paris who goes from one course to another. For example, when I am in the subway or when I walk in the street, I start to escape. I imagine myself as a movie star, in a blockbuster movie. Anyone can believe me on my way to college, but I’m at the top of the bill. I dream that passers-by in the street recognize me and I find it funny. I make friendships with my idols. I even allow myself to take a thousand small revenges, by refusing autographs to certain classmates, for example. I find it all great. Younger, already, I even made a video in which I spoke to my fans, but for nothing in the world I will not show it to someone. Often times, however, I end up wondering whether in such a life I should continue to go to school or if I should stop everything for my career. “

► “When I was sick, my secret garden gave me strength”

Roxane, 16 years old

“Having a secret garden is an asset. I always find resources there, especially when I have problems. For example, I was hospitalized because I had cancer and when I was in a sterile room, my secret garden helped me a lot to find strength. I told myself that I was going to become a researcher and that I would find a way to better care for people. I also dreamed that I was going to live my future life fully. It was essential at that time. “


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