The second Covid-19 vaccine in Vietnam tried on people in March 2021 – VnExpress

The Covid-19 vaccine, studied by Ivac, is scheduled to be submitted for clinical trials by the end of December, starting human trials in March 2021.

Mr. Duong Huu Thai, Director of the Institute of Vaccines and Medical Biologicals (Ivac), said that the current Covid-19 vaccine of IVAC is evaluated for safety and protective effect in animals. The aforementioned expected timeline is given provided that all results of the animal research stage are successful, and at the same time approved by the governing body.

“Currently the vaccine is only a research phase, there are no specific results and there is no guarantee of 100% success, but we have confidence and determination based on the existing capacity”, Mr. Thai said. know.

Ivac’s vaccine is one of the two fastest-growing Covid-19 vaccines in Vietnam today. The first candidate, a vaccine from Nanogen Company, has completed the filing and will begin phase one clinical trials on December 10.

Ivac uses chicken egg embryo technology, which is to develop a virus on a chicken embryo or fertilized egg, then inactivates the virus that is no longer pathogenic and forms an antigen (an immune reactant for body) to make vaccines. This is a traditional technology in vaccine production, easy to invest in, deploy, and suitable to the unit’s capabilities and optimized techniques, methods and data.

In addition to Ivac and Nanogen, the No. 1 Vaccine and Biologicals Company (Vabiotech) and the Research Center for Vaccines and Medical Biologicals (Polyvac) also participated in the Covid-19 vaccine study. In particular, Vabiotech is testing the vaccine on monkeys, planning to have a clinical trial in humans in early 2021. Polyvac is in the stage of antigenic development for the vaccine.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Long, Minister of Health, on December 5, said that it would create all favorable conditions for vaccine production units, including minimizing administrative procedures and expediting registration. , product licensing. The Ministry of Health will report to the Prime Minister on the investment policy for vaccine production units and coordinate with relevant units to support the units can access capital for research and production. .

Units under the Ministry of Health promote the domestic vaccine production process, and at the same time negotiate and agree with vaccine manufacturers from abroad, so that Vietnam can soon get Covid-19 vaccine.



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