The second Covid-19 vaccine in Vietnam is about to be tested in humans – VnExpress

The Ministry of Health has approved the Covivac vaccine clinical trial profile of the Institute of Vaccine and Medical Biologicals (IVAC), which is expected to begin injecting in humans after Tet.

Mr. Nguyen Ngo Quang, Deputy Director of Science, Technology and Training, Ministry of Health, confirmed with VnExpress approval information. Thus, this is the second Covid-19 vaccine of Vietnam licensed for human testing.

IVAC will coordinate with the National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology and Hanoi Medical University to conduct a phase one test of Covivac in humans. 120 volunteers, aged between 18 and 59, were healthy, had no underlying disease and were well screened and participated in the trial.

Dr. Duong Huu Thai, Director of IVAC Institute, said on January 21, a kick-off ceremony will be held to prepare the facilities as a premise for the test injection. The injections are scheduled to take place after the Lunar New Year.

The Covid-19 vaccine was produced by the IVAC Institute in Nha Trang. Image: Xuan Ngoc.

According to Dr. Thai, Covivac tested in humans through three stages. Phase one takes place for three months from kick-off in the post-Tet holiday. Phase two in April and phase three around July-August.

“If the human testing process is safe, after being licensed, we will provide 6 million doses to the market,” said Mr. Thai. The cost per injection dose is not yet determined, but IVAC expects “the price will be affordable to serve the people”.

Covivac is made from chicken egg technology with embryo. This technology has previously been used by IVAC to produce many other vaccines, such as influenza vaccines. Covivac has been tested on animals such as yellow earth mice, mice, rabbits …, the results show that they create high immunity in animals.

Chicken egg technology with embryo is to cultivate virus in chicken eggs, then suck the cloned virus to purify, separate, inactivate, no longer have the ability to cause disease and then put it into vaccine preparation.

The IVAC Institute plans to produce 6 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine after successful research.  Photo: Xuan Ngoc.

The IVAC Institute plans to produce 6 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine after successful research. Image: Xuan Ngoc.

The first Vietnamese vaccine Covid-19 for human trials was Nanocovax, produced by Nanogen. Currently testing has gone halfway through phase one. On January 20, 20 volunteers received a second dose of 25 and 50 mcg.

The situation of injecting Nanocovax groups as follows:

– Group of 25 mcg: all were given the first dose on December 22, 2020; three people injected a second dose on January 14; 17 people injected a second dose on January 20.

– Group of 50 mcg: whole first dose on December 26, 2020; three people injected a second dose on January 20.

– Group of 75 mcg: all injected with the first dose on 12/1, returned home to follow up.

The third unit that is working on Covid-19 vaccine is Vabiotech Company under the Ministry of Health. Mr. Do Tuan Dat, president of Vabiotech Company, said that the vaccine has produced good immunity in monkeys. The company also challenges vaccines in hamsters. The challenge is to inject an animal with a vaccine and put that animal in an epidemiological environment. Vabiotech plans to apply for the human clinical trial in February 2021, after the successful mouse trial.

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