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The scientist who was arrested by Russia on suspicion of treason, died in jail within two days

World News: Several Russian scientists have been arrested in Russia in recent years on charges of treason for allegedly providing sensitive material to foreigners. One of them, Russian scientist Dmitry Kolkar, died in prison within two days of his arrest. He was charged with sedition and was  Last week he was arrested from Siberia and brought to Moscow. He was battling pancreatic cancer and was very ill. Despite that, he was arrested and taken to Moscow, where he died while in prison. This information has been given by his lawyers and family members.  

Information given by Telegram – has died

Telegramed the family of Dmitry Kolkar from the prison administration, in which it was written that "Notifying that, the prisoner in the Detention Center-2 FSIN, Kolkar Dmitry Borisovich, who was born in 1968, July 2, 2022, was delivered to the GKB-2 (Medical Center), where he died at 02:40 Went."

Brother said a quantum scientist was murdered

Anton Dianov, a cousin of the 54-year-old physicist Dmitry Kolkar, said that despite being ill, my brother was picked up from his hospital bed, where he was being fed through a tube, in such a condition that he was given four The flight was taken to Moscow more than an hour later. Lawyers said he was then taken to Lefortovo prison and later died in a nearby hospital.

Anton Dianov told Reuters News Agency that the allegation against my brother and laser specialist that he had betrayed the country by telling the secrets of his country Russia to China, was a very absurd allegation. He alleged that the FSB killed a quantum scientist in Russia.

Anton Dianov said, "My brother was a scientist, he loved his country, he was working in his country, while he had received many invitations from major universities and laboratories to work abroad, but he was working in his country, Russia. Wanted to do, he wanted to teach students there."

Lecture was given in China, charges of treason were made

Family and lawyers told that the FSB Security Service took Kolkar into custody and searched his house. He said that the charges of sedition – which carry a sentence of up to 20 years.  Kolkar’s lectures in China.

Reuters did not respond to an emailed request for comment from the FSB. Lawyer Alexander Fedulov told Reuters he had attempted to contact officials on Kolkar’s behalf but was removed from the FSB investigation department and jailed. He said he would file a legal complaint regarding the circumstances of Kolkar’s detention.

On Saturday, the state news agency TASS said Russia had also detained a second scientist in Novosibirsk on suspicion of treason. But it was not clear whether the two cases were linked.

Dyanov’s cousin, said that Kolkar was also a highly skilled concert pianist and organizer who performed in both Russia and Europe. They said that "For me, the one who was creating so many beautiful things could not do as he has been accused of and so I will miss him forever." He said, now there are tears in his eyes for him and now it is for us and the rest of the family to remember him."

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