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The school trip will take place

Eight days of closure at the college. The establishment sends its teachers home and the students as well, of course, including boarders. No, no, it’s not the Covid’s fault. It’s because of a measles outbreak. And then the info is not new: it dates from the school year 1938-1939. I find it randomly in the letters exchanged between my father and my grandmother.

→ MAINTENANCE. Class trips allow you to “develop your adaptability”

Another time – we are then in 1957 -, my father tells a new episode, always in connection with the school. The eldest of my sisters, seven years old, has not had a mistress for eight days. Absent for a benign operation, the teacher is not replaced. His students are divided into older classes.

The old limits of pedagogical continuity

These two old letters attest to it: it happened that the school of the Republic, 80 and 60 years ago, had great difficulty in ensuring what is now called “educational continuity”. The difficulty does not date from today, it is obviously not a reason to resign oneself to it!

Another letter, again from the 1950s, evokes a departure in nature class. I think back on it while listening to our grandchildren tell about school trips… which they haven’t done for two years. No getaway: no outings with school, no stays in the mountains or school exchanges abroad.

→ CHRONICLE. when he grows up

Everyone has their own story. This winter, one of our youngest was preparing to leave for two days with her CP class and the mistress. Everything was ready, the suitcase and the comforter. Mom and Dad would be far away but, I promise, no one among the children would cry. In the end, we still did not escape the tears. But disappointment, because the release did not take place, due to the pandemic.

A bright spot in sight

The eldest of our grandchildren, angry and “disgusted”, made up their minds. For them either, not a single trip with the college, nor in 4and nor in 3and, those classes where you usually start dreaming of discoveries. They talk about it resigned and weary, sometimes with a touch of derision, laughing at themselves as if they were attracting the evil eye.

→ CHRONICLE. Dear old shelves

According to the latest news, the thinning is finally announced. The good weather has returned and the Covid, which is becoming more discreet, has for the past few weeks marked the return of trips and other school exchanges. By the sea, on the farm, in the mountains, ten kilometers from home or even abroad.

A valuable opening

For everyone, so much the better! When the school leaves its walls a little, it is never wasted time. These educational initiatives offer some pupils an opening to the outside that their families do not necessarily have the means to give them, and everyone an opportunity to experience life in a group, in another city, in another country. Moments and a place of personal and collective enrichment.

When you are seven years old, when you are thirteen or fourteen, are school trips and exchanges essential? Let us be careful not to revive the polemic, and forget the word. “Essentials”, I don’t know. Useful, essential, necessary? Let’s say: precious. So precious!


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